Habitat Photosphere is here!

All of December, catch up on photography exhibitions, curated films festival on sustainability, treasure hunts, curated walks and show and tell sessions at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

As the month-long Habitat Photosphere starts December 1, the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi transforms itself into a multi-layered art gallery, with exhibitions, workshops, curated walks and talks. Curated and conceptualized by Dr Alka Pande, it aims to bring into focus sustainable development and environmental awareness through the medium of photography. Apart from the exhibition, there will also be a film festival on the subject of sustainability curated by Nitin Donde.

Here are some highlights of Habitat Photosphere:

EXHIBITION: Panchtattvas: The Road Ahead

A man dives into Ganga at Manikarnika Ghat to retrieve coins, photo by Harikrishna
A man dives into Ganga at Manikarnika Ghat to retrieve coins, photo by Harikrishna

It will showcase photographs and photo-based installations created by the four awardees of the Photosphere grant. Harikrishna Katragadda, Monica Tiwari, Shraddha Borawake and K. R. Sunil will be showing work created over a period of eight months, each having been mentored in this creative process by renowned photographers like Parthiv Shah, Bandeep Singh, Prabir Purkayastha and Aditya Arya respectively. And that’s not all. The four mentors themselves will be showing their photographic work responding to that of their mentees.

KR SUNIL: Based in Kochi, Kerala, K.R. Sunil, 40, centers his project around the ethnographic photo-documentation of ponds in Kerala which are on the verge of extinction. Sunil’s project carries out documentation of physical features, human-ecology, local history and myths and narratives revolving around each pond.

MONICA TIWARI: Delhi-based Monica Tiwari, 28, has trained her lens to document the lifestyle changes in children of migrant parents by understanding the effects on their education, health, and social well-being, in the context of global-warming led migration in the Sunderbans.

Benevolence, photo by Shraddha Borawake
Benevolence, photo by Shraddha Borawake

HARIKRISHNA KATRAGADDA: Mumbai-based Harikrishna Katragadda, 46, titles his project You Can’t Step Into The Same River Twice which focuses on the river Ganga. The location of the first part of Katragadde’s project is Manikarnika Ghat in Benaras, one of the most important sites of cremation for Hindus. Apart from the photographic prints, he is doing a book shaped installation (in leather sourced from a Kanpur tannery) that will include more such cyanotype prints.

SHRADDHA BORWAKE: Pune/Holland-based Shraddha Borwake, 33, has chosen the all-encompassing Earth as the topic for her installation-based photographic project titled Benevolence. The life that we live on this planet is made up of elements taken from Earth itself.

Some photographs by both the awardees and their mentors will also be shown at the Mandi House metro station. Adding to the multi-dimensionality of the exhibition at IHC, Dr Pande will be presenting an animation work on River Ganga, artist Ashim Ghosh will have a light-based installation titled Illume on view, while Swiss artist Ursula Biemann will be showing a video work called Deep Weather. In addition, at the Jor Bagh Metro station, authors Kavita Singh Kale and Santosh Kale will be showing images from their graphic novel project called “17 Seen Unseen” that was published for young adults commissioned by UNESCO MGEIP based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

LR-The older generation still find their life buzzing around the village pond, photo by KR SunilWORKSHOPS:

When Not to Photograph, December 5, 2016, By Prabir Purkayastha (Registration Fee: Rs. 1000)

Curating and Thinking about Photography in Exhibitions and Books, December 6 & December 7, 2016, By Nathalie Herschdorfer (Fee: Rs 2000)

Portfolio Review, December 8, 2016, By Nathalie and the 4 Photosphere mentors (Fee: Rs 1000)

From the Click to the Digital: A History of Photography, December 9, 2016, By Dr Alka Pande (Fee: Rs 1000)

Exhibiting Lens Based Artworks & Louise Lawler: The Critical Documentary Mode, December 10, 2016, By Peter Nagy (Fee: Rs 1000)

Creating a body of work: How to Approach a Photographic Project, December 11, 2016, By Bandeep Singh (Fee: Rs 1000)

The Staging and Basic Elements of Fashion Photography, December 12, 2016, By Tarun Khiwal (Fee: Rs 1000)

Interanimation of word and image, December 13, 2106, By Prof. Shormishtha Panja (Fee: Rs 1000)

Gaze-Ungaze: Street Photography, December 14, 2016, By Parthiv Shah (Fee: Rs 1000)

Photo As Archive, December 15, 2016, By Aditya Arya (Fee: Rs 1000)

(All workshops will be conducted at Experimental Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To register, call 011-43662024/25.)

From the book 17 Seen Unseen, by Kavita Singh Kale and Santosh Kale, at Jor Bagh metro station
From the book 17 Seen Unseen, by Kavita Singh Kale and Santosh Kale, at Jor Bagh metro station


December 19: By Sadiq Mohammad

So you heard about Climate Change, do you know how it happened? What are the causes for those big weather events? Come find out in a highly interactive evening. Sadiq Mohammed is the founder of GreenHatters.

December 20: By Mahesh Nair

An interactive session about Mahesh Nair’s journey with reference to his online photography platform PicsDream, that aims to bridge the gap between photographers and buyers.

December 21: By Kavita Kale

In past two years, Kavita Singh Kale through her artworks has interpreted elements of nature as demigods who are in conflict with monsters that have mutated from the by-products of human consumption.

December 22: By Ashim Ghosh

Humorous and poignant insights into the creative trails and travails of multiple

media artist and inventor Ashim Ghosh. The artist will also initiate an interaction on

the issues of sustainable development addressed in the Illume installation, on view at the Visual Arts Centre, IHC, New Delhi, from the 8th till 31st December 2016.

(All show-and-tell sessions will be conducted at the Amphitheatre at the India Habitat Centre. Entry is free.)

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