Sid-AnjuGlass-paintingGraphic artist and designer Sid Ghosh made The Goodwill Shop’s glass-painting workshop on Saturday look easy, as usual. He offered the participants designs that they could trace onto glass with a special pen, and after the ink was dry, taught them to fill in the colour. Yes, it was as easy as it sounds! The entire process, that took four hours, resulted in some new artists!

While Basavraj, who flew in from Mumbai, wins hands-down for his enthusiasm to try something new; Anju, our domestic help’s daughter, who has just completed her Class X and is an extremely bright student, was the quietest and most dedicated of the lot. And, of course, we loved Supriya for making sure the organisers weren’t bored, thanks to joining in our chatter! As always, Sid Ghosh was the star of the show.

Sid-BasavHere’s more about our artist Sid Ghosh. A creative consultant, he has worked in several senior roles in the media and publishing industry in a career of over a decade. Trained at Shankar’s Academy, he has also received recognition from the Sahitya Kala Parishad. His quirky personality is visible in all his work, which includes creating brand identities or his visual art. A restless soul, he can be found painting his son’s shoes in funky pop art, sketching his favourite musical icons or creating beautiful, serene glass paintings in his free time. As for The Goodwill Shop (, we promote products from NGOs, artisans and socially responsible groups, besides organising volunteering and fundraising events and workshops. For updates on our upcoming workshops, drop in an email at

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